He ended up using it for soup…


A man left over from 70’s punk,
cutoff jeans and old leather jacket
With skull scraped free of pelt ,
joined me where I stood, bent

over the kit. A life suspended,
caught in amberlike time.
The puppyish fox with spattered
brains appealed to me;

its large, soft paws
and feathery tail,
the milky smell of it,
made something clench.

This infant psychopomp
lolled its loose head against
my leathered toe. I shifted its body
from tarmac to grass;

it needed that much consideration.
The old man took it further.
His fingers glittered between
the studs on his gloves,

he scooped it by the white-ended
brush. ‘I let nothing waste.’
The corpse vanished into a hidden
pocket. There is no wasted flesh.

Not on this road.


About Bethany W Pope

Bethany W Pope is an award winning author of the LBA, and a finalist for the Faulkner-Wisdom Awards. Her work was listed for the Cinnamon Press Novel Competition. She received her PhD from Aberystwyth University’s Creative Writing program. Her first poetry collection, A Radiance was published by Cultured Llama Press in June. Her second collection, Persephone in the Underworld has been accepted by Rufus Books and shall be released in 2016. Her work has appeared in: Anon, Art Times, Ampersand, Blue Tattoo, Sentinel Quarterly, The Delinquent, De/Tached (an anthology released by Parthian), The Writer’s Hub, New Welsh Review, Every Day Poems, And Other Poems, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Magma, Words & Music, The Quarterly Conversation, Tears in the Fence, Ink, Sweat and Tears and Planet. Her work is due to appear in the next issues of Poetry Review Salzburg, Acumen, Pacific Poetry , Music& Literature, Anon, and The Screech Owl.

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