My parents were not overly concerned with germs


Nine-year-old shoulders pinned
by the spattered forepaws
of my Dalmatian, I submitted
to a cleaning. His cheese-scented
tongue alternately flicked and lingered

over cloth and skin, sluicing out
the crevices where flesh met flesh
and caught the tag ends of my stench.

He stripped away the human
with the teeth he had flattened
chewing rocks in the yard, nibbling
away the fallen hairs at my nape,
grooming my ears as his long-gone

ancestors would have primped
their pups after the wee babies
decimated the feast of regurgitated
deer-meat the wolves had spread
before the gaping mouth of their den.

It occurred to me that I
was something like Daniel;
at home with the inhuman.

Opening the seal at the bone-end
of a three-day fast, the sensible
priests expected mere ribbons.

They had not counted
on sympathy
between lion and God.

Daniel found himself in darkness,
wedged between two forces
each, in their own way, more real
than himself. In such times and places
there is no room for fear of death;
your path is laid for one or the other.

A sensible person would lie
with neither, and so freeze
in the dark.

From a distance, seen from
a little behind and above the left
shoulder, a priest could not tell
love and mauling apart.


About Bethany W Pope

Bethany W Pope is an award winning author of the LBA, and a finalist for the Faulkner-Wisdom Awards. Her work was listed for the Cinnamon Press Novel Competition. She received her PhD from Aberystwyth University’s Creative Writing program. Her first poetry collection, A Radiance was published by Cultured Llama Press in June. Her second collection, Persephone in the Underworld has been accepted by Rufus Books and shall be released in 2016. Her work has appeared in: Anon, Art Times, Ampersand, Blue Tattoo, Sentinel Quarterly, The Delinquent, De/Tached (an anthology released by Parthian), The Writer’s Hub, New Welsh Review, Every Day Poems, And Other Poems, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Magma, Words & Music, The Quarterly Conversation, Tears in the Fence, Ink, Sweat and Tears and Planet. Her work is due to appear in the next issues of Poetry Review Salzburg, Acumen, Pacific Poetry , Music& Literature, Anon, and The Screech Owl.

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