A poem from an Asian myth.


Running, at speeds beyond joy,
When air grows knife blades
That, cold edged, pierce the tatters
Of my lungs, the black dog pursues me.

My eyes leak a slow steady stream,
That is not precisely sorrow, nor totally
Competitive bliss; this is a game, and like every contest
It is life. Death. The grinning dog gives chase.

I run because he loves me;
Bare feet on moss, arms parting branches,
He runs because he loves.
This is our courtship, our longed for consummation.

The black dog’s teeth are white and sharp,
His limbs firm, untiring, he is so strong.
I am the girl I always was, athletic, but human,
Trained like all females to surrender the chase.

And the truth is; I want to.
This death is mine, created for me,
My creature, my servant, my trusted friend,
Long expected, missed deeply, come at last

To drag me down.
Lungs ache, but could go further.
My mouth feels bloody, inexplicably cold.
I allow my ragged feet to stumble

And after a moment of quiet,
He has me there, foot paws on shoulders,
On my back, in the moss. Kisses,
Familiar, the smell of rot, a body

Warm, unbreathing, the longed for thing.
Delivered at last. Ears up, furrowed forehead,
In the manner of dogs, perplexed at the failure
Of the Frisbee to launch itself again on air.

The end of the game is only ever a pleasure
For one player. Not for the winner
Who must go again, with a new partner,
Loved differently, some other plane.


About Bethany W Pope

Bethany W Pope is an award winning author of the LBA, and a finalist for the Faulkner-Wisdom Awards. Her work was listed for the Cinnamon Press Novel Competition. She received her PhD from Aberystwyth University’s Creative Writing program. Her first poetry collection, A Radiance was published by Cultured Llama Press in June. Her second collection, Persephone in the Underworld has been accepted by Rufus Books and shall be released in 2016. Her work has appeared in: Anon, Art Times, Ampersand, Blue Tattoo, Sentinel Quarterly, The Delinquent, De/Tached (an anthology released by Parthian), The Writer’s Hub, New Welsh Review, Every Day Poems, And Other Poems, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Magma, Words & Music, The Quarterly Conversation, Tears in the Fence, Ink, Sweat and Tears and Planet. Her work is due to appear in the next issues of Poetry Review Salzburg, Acumen, Pacific Poetry , Music& Literature, Anon, and The Screech Owl.

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